Things you should know prior to booking your session and common questions

How will I receive my photos? I have a 2 week turn around time. All sessions are digitally uploaded in a password protected gallery. You will receive an email with a link to viewing your photos as well as instructions on how to download them. You must download your photos within two weeks or the gallery will expire.

Where should I get my photos printed? If you aren’t ordering prints through me I cannot be responsible for the photos you receive from a third party. Please refer to this awesome article, courtesy of Kaye Ness Photography

What if the weather is bad? If it’s raining we will reschedule. If it has poured and it will be muddy outside we will reschedule. You should always call me if you are unsure if the session will go on. I try to give everyone a 2 hour notice.

What should we wear? 

There are no rules when it comes to what to wear for your portraits. The most important is to be yourself and dress so you are comfortable. These photos should reflect “you”. Remember coordinating your outfits show that you are a group, a family, you belong together. Coordinate outfits but don't be matchy-matchy! 

If you have any parts of your body you dislike please do not wear outfits that will draw attention to those features. Example, if you dislike your legs do not wear a dress.

I want to book a maternity session, when should I do that? I always tell people to book their session 2 months prior to their due date. Reason is, what if it rains and we need to reschedule. What if you aren’t as flexible with your schedule, what if you go into labor early, what if you get sent on bed rest. A lot of things happen and 2 months prior should take care of any issues. I am not saying you can book if your past the 2 months I just recommend that time frame.

Tips to make your session go smoother:

Know your directions of the location you are going a few days prior.

ALWAYS guarantee you may hit traffic, especially if you pick a 5pm appointment. I try to avoid sessions at peak traffic times.

You MUST arrive 10-15 minutes early to your session. Kids need to get changed, get their faces wiped, adjust to their surroundings. You also want to avoid that late fee if you are more than 15 minutes late.

If you would like certain props you will need to discuss that with me immediately after you book so I can coordinate.

During your session:

SMILE!  Husbands tend to have the most issue with this one. I want all my beautiful mommies to be happy so if you know your husband tends to get nervous or whatever please inform me! 

For children have wipes, snacks, toys and juice ready. We want to keep them happy and with clean faces.

Don't be stressed! This should be a fun experience!